How #Infographics Go Viral

How #Infographics Go Viral

Infographics have achieved unprecedented popularity over the past few years, and it’s probably not a huge surprise why. They’re colorful, eye-catching, and they help break information down into easy, digestible pieces for their audiences. A website visitor can pretty much pick up on all of the knowledge an infographic has to drop in a few minutes or less — a fraction of the time it would take to illustrate the same concepts using either words or images alone. When it comes to content marketing, anything that helps capture viewers’ attention and keeps them sharing is a good thing.


Unfortunately, not all content is destined for viral success. Why are some graphics destined to die in obscurity while others get passed along to every corner of the web? Content marketing researchers have been burning the midnight oil trying to figure out how to reliably produce viral content. After observing and analyzing a thousand different infographics across multiple industries and platforms, the team at SiegeMedia collected some interesting insights and patterns. As it turns out, going viral isn’t entirely up to the hands of fate — the most popular content shared certain key characteristics.


Take a look at the following visual and learn what makes an infographic popular?



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