The State of Content: Rules of Engagement for 2016 – #infographic

The State of Content: Rules of Engagement for 2016 - #infographic

The folks at Adobe and Edelman have conducted a survey among more than 12,000 online adults, to find out their views on digital content.


According to their study:


• On average, 83 percent of global users report they multi-screen, using 2+ devices.


• 54 percent listed overall good design, such as appealing layout and visual content, as important.


• 90 percent consumer say they would switch devices or stop viewing altogether when encountering content that fails to meet their expectations.


The stakes are even higher than ever for marketers to create content that can break through the noise.


So, how would you make your content engaging and interesting?


Follow these 5 simple rules to engage your audience in 2016.



5 Social Media Marketing Trends For 2016 – #infographic

Top Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2016 - #infographic

It’s that time of the year again! Most businesses would have probably chalked out their marketing plan for 2016. But does your social media marketing plan include some of the latest trends in the industry that will dominate the New Year? 2015 saw social media marketing taking some new turns such as increase in people using social media for shopping to the rise in the mobile usage for social media logins. And 2016 will be no different. It will bring with itself a whole new set of opportunities and challenges, especially when we talk of social media marketing.


You must be wondering on why to spend so much time and energy on your social media marketing strategy? Do you know the number of people using social media globally? You will be surprised! Believe it or not, there are over 2.206 billion active users on social media, a global penetration of 30%, reveals Social Media Today. Also, according to Surveybee, 1.925 billion users utilize their mobiles for logins to social media platforms.


After reading these stats, you must be convinced what potential social media has in engaging people worldwide and helping you grow your business. Therefore, its time you start putting up your marketing acts together. To make things easier for you, we have jotted down 5 most important trends for social media marketing that will dominate 2016. Have a look!


Top Digital Marketing Trends That Will Rule 2016 – #infographic

Infographic - 2016's Biggest Digital Marketing Trends

As we head towards the end of a magnificent year where we have seen a tremendous emergence of new digital marketing trends, it would be interesting to review how these trends will affect businesses the next year.


Today’s highly competitive businesses place great demands on their marketing teams to keep up with industry trends if they are to face the competition in a bullish manner. What can we except next year when it comes to digital marketing trends?


Read on to find out more so you can be prepared to implement and leverage the power of the latest digital trends before your competitors does.


How To Market Your Niche on Social Media – #infographic

How To Market Your Niche on Social Media - #infographic

Marketing will be largely unsuccessful for most brands if they don’t take the time to plan their social marketing strategies around a specific niche. Every niche has a unique purpose, audience, and triggers that drive action. If you can maximize your social reach within your niche, though, it will be a huge advantage.


For example, if you’re in the real estate rental business, your use of social media to market your brand is paramount. High quality images of the property, Facebook posts detailing the neighborhood, and blog posts about home improvement encourage user engagement, and can all be used to maximize marketing potential.


In contrast, if you’re marketing an online retail business, you’re going to take a different approach. You may use some of the same tools, like high quality images and blog posts, but you’ll need to rely on information related to your niche. Your audience and their needs are different, and if you want to engage them every time, you’ll use different tactics to catch their attention.


If you’re interested in maximizing social media marketing for a specific niche industry, you might find the following suggestions extremely valuable.


2015 Photography Trends – #infographic

2015 Photography Trends: The Selfie Days Are Over. What's Popular Now - #infographic

EyeEm, an online photographic community, have carried out an end of year analysis from within their community of 15 million photographers, spanning from 150 countries. The trends that evolved within 2015 bode well for the art of photography, with there being an increase in true photographic styles such as street photography and an identifiable decrease in social phenomenons such as the ‘selfie’.


With the year of 2015 coming to a close, EyeEm wanted to share learnings from the year with their community as well as anyone with an affinity for photography.


The infographic is split into sections where they first outline the growth/decline of the photographic subjects. EyeEm then split the world map to show you which types of photography are most prominent around the globe. EyeEm then use their revolutionary image recognition technology, EyeEm Vision, to show their community which country’s photographs ranked aesthetically higher. Finally, EyeEm share which devices have been most used whilst shooting.


Boost Your Stamina: Making Your Facebook Posts Relevant – #infographic

Boost Your Stamina: Making Your Facebook Posts Relevant - #infographic


With different types of content that can be accessed online, you need to stand out from others to gain positive results.


Facebook is the largest social media network used by marketers all over the world with over 1.49 billion active users as of August 2015.


According to Zephoria, “every 60 seconds on Facebook: 510 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded.”


Another study from Freely states that “the most common type of content posted by brands on Facebook are photos (75 percent), followed by links (10 percent), statuses (6 percent), albums (4 percent), video (4 percent), and other (1 percent).”


If you’re targeting B2C audiences, this platform is the best place to go to find qualified leads that will eventually convert into sales.


However, posting good content isn’t enough to convince people to promote your brand and share your posts online.


You need to identify your objectives to publish relevant content for your target audience. This also serves as your guide in planning and optimizing your Facebook posts catered to your consumers’ specific needs.


This infographic from SlideGenius shows you how Facebook fits into your brand’s objectives to successfully deliver the right message to the right audience.