A model and her BFF have mastered the perfect response to dick pics



Some men simply do not know how to try and attract women. One model wants to help them learn


While many women ignore unsolicited dick pics, model Emily Sears and her BFF Laura have found a much more productive way to deal with them.


Emily Sears — a Los Angeles-based model from Australia — has built a large social media following of 2.3 million fans, which she engages with often.


She enjoys keeping her followers up to date on her life by posting photos of herself and her modeling shoots. However, her fame has come with a serious price — unwanted dick pics. Read more…

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How I Got Over 9,500 Pinterest Followers Without Blogging


Social media can send a lot of traffic to your website, but growing a social media following can be a challenge.


Did you know that Pinterest is now the second leading referrer of social media traffic, second only to Facebook? In fact, Pinterest sends more than 4x as much traffic as Twitter according to a study by Sharaholic.


In 2014, I ranked one of my Pinterest accounts and its boards for competitive terms including “baby shower”. In 2015, I grew this account to 9,500 followers and am hoping to break 10,000 soon. In fact, I did it without blogging and by spending just a few minutes a day on Pinterest.


Here’s how I did it and how you can do the same.



These 6-second Vine creations were so good they took home $10,000



The Armstrong Vine Awards hosted at Mashable headquarters Friday night gave you one day to play and six seconds to convince. The competition saw more than 400 submissions across seven categories: art, comedy, animation, illusion, music, series and remix.



Each category was judged by some of Vine’s most talented users.





The Armstrong Vine Awards was started three years ago by the media and communications agency to source the best talents on Vine, with the last two years seeing more than 1,000 video submissions.



For our #MashableRemix vine challenge, we asked competitors to use Vine’s remix feature, which lets users overlay audio from a different Vine on their original video. The winners took home a total of $10,000. The judges included @NickGallo, @yelldesign, @Corypoppins, @MarksRecords, @JohnnyMcHone, @NoahKalina and us, @Mashable Read more…

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Facebook and Instagram ban private gun sales



Facebook will be banning sales of guns on both its flagship service and on company-owned Instagram, site officials announced Friday


The updated policy will align more closely with the company’s current regulations on advertisements and sales of regulated goods, a Facebook spokesperson told Mashable


The move — which some have interpreted as Facebook taking a stance in favor of gun control — comes after President Obama and other gun safety advocates put pressure to halt illegal sales and trades on the site, the New York Times reported


The ban specifically applies to person-to-person firearm sales, while licensed gun dealers will remain exempt under the new guidelines. The goal, it appears, is to curb sales that are conducted without background checks and public safety precautions Read more…

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Personal Branding: Tips for Creating the Perfect LinkedIn Profile – #infographic

LinkedIn The Ultimate Cheat Sheet, A Visual Guide to Achieving LinkedIn Profile Perfection - #infographic

What’s wrong with your LinkedIn profile? If you’re not receiving the intended response from potential clients or job interviewers, then there could be something wrong with your LinkedIn. There are over 400 million profiles competing on the LinkedIn network with an average of two users added each second.


So where do you stand? You need a perfect LinkedIn profile to be classified as “top talent”.


Here’s how to get it:



Facebook and Instagram are creating hidden ASCII art of your photos



If you’ve ever uploaded a photo to Facebook or Instagram, chances are there are secret ASCII renderings of them out there, if you know where to look.



Facebook has been creating ASCII art — that is, recreating your images out of text characters — out of your photos and anyone can find it. The feature was first spotted by Twitter user Mathias Bynens and has been confirmed by Mashable and others





The photo above, taken from Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram account, shows the original version of the image he posted with Instagram cofounder Kevin Systrom and the hidden ASCII version. Read more…

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How Giphy got its start: The 2 guys behind the great GIF search engine



One afternoon in December, Giphy’s two dozen staff members gathered around a long picnic table in their Lower East Side Manhattan office for a year-in-review meeting. The multicolored Christmas lights and six packs of Shiner Bock in the spacious, ninth-floor room made for a festive vibe — as did the 3D poster of a cat dangling from a wine bottle. Alex Chung, the 40-year-old co-founder and chief executive officer, stood next to a whiteboard, scrawling numbers charting the company’s growth. “We’re the biggest Internet startup people are seeing right now,” he said. “We, like, did it.”


Giphy — that’s a hard “G” — really, like, did do it. It’s become the go-to library for GIFs, the seconds-long, looping video clips that people text when words are too hard to conjure or quick shots of a shivering Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant just better convey how cold you are; the startup reached 95 million unique visitors per month in 2015, quadruple what it did in 2014. And Giphy has become an adviser to movie studios and TV producers who want your texts to include their content, which they are turning over to editors to splice into a million little pieces. Advertisers and political campaigns are asking for advice, too, on using the technology to sell products and candidates. Read more…

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