How to Write for Your Audience: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Write Awesome Content for Your Audience: Step-by-Step Guide

You’ve been working on an awesome piece of content for a week already and it couldn’t have been better – you’ve done a very deep research, processed tons of data, put together a gorgeous-looking infographic, and sprinkled your post with juicy language.


“It’s going to generate so much buzz that Google will rank my article in top 10 within a few hours”, – you thought.


You hit “Publish” and Bam!


Just 25 minutes later you get 7 fresh comments!


You can’t hold your excitement anymore as you start reading the comments just to find out that they were placed by someone called “essay” and contain some generic compliment about how great and useful your article was.


But zero comments from real people, though.


Does it sound familiar?


Probably, yes.


How could it happen if you put so much time and effort into this incredible piece of content?


Probably, because you wrote on the topic interesting to YOU and not to your audience.


Let’s take a second and think why visitors come to your site after all.


Are they in love with you as a writer? Could be, but more often than not, they probably don’t even care how great your writing skills are.




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