How to create Shareable Content Using Infographics

How to create Shareable Content Using Infographics

We are becoming more used to be served business statistics on an eye-catching infographic design rather than listed monotonously in a word document. We don’t mind the colours and imagery which comes along with infographics because it is in our nature to be captured by visuals!

Infographics come in all shapes and sizes, however, if you have missed them they tend to be super long graphics that are easy to scroll through and understand no matter what your background in the relevant subject is.

Infographics can be extremely valuable to your company and they may even boost the reach of your business through social media sharing and blogs! If you are a small business looking to adapt to big business trends infographics are an excellent start.

Let’s look at how you can create shareable content through infographics, that will grab your target audience’s attention.


One way to understand Anthony Weiner’s compulsive sexting


Anthony Weiner has a sexting problem that most people just don’t understand. 

Since 2011, the struggle has played out publicly for the former Democratic congressman and his wife Huma Abedin, a close confidant and aide to Hillary Clinton. 

Revelations that Weiner traded sexual messages and photos with women online led to his resignation from Congress in 2011, significantly undermined his New York City mayoral campaign in 2013 and, as of Monday, played a role in breaking up his marriage. 

While Abedin had remained with Weiner in the years since the first scandal, she announced their separation Monday after a New York Post story detailed Weiner’s long relationship, conducted electronically, with an unidentified woman. The pair exchanged sexually provocative messages and revealing photos. One of the images included what appeared to be Weiner and Abedin’s son sleeping next to his underwear-clad father.  Read more…

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The Complete Guide to Being a Successful Social Media Manager – infographic

The Complete Guide to Being a Successful Social Media Manager - infographic

Do you want to be a social media manager?

There over 2 billion social media users worldwide and the number will only keep rising. This rise has lead to a demand in social media managers who can help businesses with their social media marketing needs.

A career in social media managing can be highly rewarding.

To get started with social media managing, you need to understand what social media managers do, the skills required to be a social media manager and the steps you need to take in order to find work.

This infographic can help you with all of the above. Check it out below.

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How social media amplified anger over EpiPen’s price gouge


On Thursday, amid mounting pressure from the public and politicians alike, the drug company that makes EpiPens finally promised to do something about their often astronomical price.

With 118,000 signatures asking Congress to “stop the EpiPen price gouging” and everyone from Hillary Clinton to Sarah Jessica Parker weighing in, drug maker Mylan has said it will reduce the cost for some users.

The company is creating a savings card for the EpiPen 2-Pak that will cover up to $300 of the $609 cost (which is up from less than $100 in 2007). Read more…

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How to avoid becoming the bully you hate on social media


If you’re looking for a fight, there’s no better place to lurk than social media. 

At its best, the digital public square can connect people whose lives – and ideas – would otherwise remain distant. At its worst, that open-ended conversation can quickly devolve into an online screaming match, no matter the subject. 

This poses a difficult challenge for people who are passionate about their politics, causes and even celebrities, particularly on a platform like Twitter where users can conceal their identities and lob inflammatory sentiments into timelines all day long.  Read more…

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