How Emojis Help Marketers Engage With Consumers – infographic


Companies are adapting to the new “digital languages” to carry out their online marketing strategies. Using emoji is growing at a rate such – the annual rate in 2016 is more than 770% – many brands are already talking about “emoji marketing”. You want to know why? What are the reasons?


Brands have surrendered to the power of emoji on their online marketing strategies and are already many who speak of these graphic resources as the universal language of the XXI century. The truth is that the use of emoji growing at a frenzied pace, according to a company Appboy, at a rate of annual growth of over 770%.


To carry out this study, Appboy analysed more than 9,000 online marketing campaigns that used emoji in messages and the result is that, with reference to the current 2016, its use is increasing at a rate of 20% every month.


Why? Basically because its use is linked to a powerful tool in the context of today’s society: the smartphone. Emoji have more room in them, on mobile devices in general and the creative use them more and more often in messages online marketing strategies, primarily Android and somewhat less in iOS. The study reveals that growth in both the operating system of Google and Apple’s was 1.070% and 662% year on year, respectively.




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