Digital Avengers: How Teens Can Fight Cyberbullying (infographic)

Digital Avengers: Teens Fight Cyberbullying

If we were to ask our kids or teens about what traits or actions make someone a hero, we would probably hear replies ranging from superheroic feats to everyday people who demonstrate outstanding acts of courage. Most of our children’s images of heroes fit nicely into the molds created by Hollywood and Stan Lee: the classic super hero protagonists. Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America are just a few that spring, or fly, to mind.

While the iconic team of Avengers face battles of epic proportions between good and evil, many of our children fail to realize that they are powerful enough to wage a heroic fight of their own. Contrary to their preconceived notions about heroes, they don’t need to be bitten by a radioactive spider or wear colorful spandex to make a difference. Our sons and daughters can be everyday heroes by taking a stand against some of the most harmful forces in their own lives: cyberbullies.


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