Spanning the Decades: How to Market to Each Generation on Social Media (Infographic)

Spanning the Decades: How to Market to Each Generation on Social Media (Infographic)

Around the world, 2.3 billion people have active social media profiles, and Americans check their social media accounts 17 times a day.

Major brands have also hopped on the social media bandwagon. In fact, 91% of retail brands use at least two social media platforms, and companies have started investing more money into social media marketing.

Clearly, social media is a profitable marketing channel. Just last year, social networks earned $8.3 billion from advertising, and by 2017, social media ad spending is expected to reach $35 billion.

Social media marketing increases brand awareness and makes it easy for customers and potential customers to engage with companies online. However, not everyone interacts with social media the same way. If you want to successfully market your products and services on social media, you need to understand your target market’s behavior on social media.

What are their favorite social networks? What kinds of content are they most likely to share? What messages motivate them to buy?

Internet marketing agency WebpageFX created an infographic that contains helpful insights into each generation’s social media preferences. If you’re looking to span the decades and effectively market to each generation of social media users, check it out!


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