App Encryption: Is Your Data At Risk?

App Encryption: Is Your Data At Risk?

Many people today consider sending a text message to be easier and more convenient than making a phone call, but are those digital messages safe from prying eyes? If you use iMessage or have followed the locked iPhone drama in the San Bernardino terrorism case, you may be aware that iMessage uses end-to-end encryption, but this isn’t the norm among messaging apps or other data-heavy apps. Both Snapchat and Skype, for example, don’t offer message encryption and most Android phones don’t have any encryption software.

Due to a lack of encryption regulations, many apps leave your messages unprotected, which can be a serious problem if you’re using them for any professional communication – or just don’t want anyone peeking at your private chats. Luckily, iMessage isn’t your only option for safe communication.

With these apps, you can feel certain that your data is protected.


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