(via 5 Ways Judgmental Leaders Move Forward by Withholding…

(via 5 Ways Judgmental Leaders Move Forward by Withholding Judgement)

Enter every interaction as a learner, even when you plan to teach. One difference between confidence and arrogance is an open mind.

Bring what you know, after exploring what you don’t.

Trump to turn Supreme Court nomination into ‘The Bachelor’ on Facebook Live



You know how watching a reality show can sometimes make it feel like your liquifying brain is dribbling out of your earholes, but you just can’t turn off the TV? 

That feeling is slowly becoming all-encompassing as the governing of the United States morphs into the most-watched reality show of all-time. You can catch the latest episode on Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET as celebrity President Donald Trump selects a Supreme Court nominee. The announcement will be streamed on Facebook Live as the two nominees wait in the White House, according to CBS.

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Share It While It’s Hot: 7 Secrets to Shareable Content

In order online content to be shareable, it must meet countless requirements. Interesting to viewers, usefulness, calls-to-action, and so on. Sometimes, it seems like making the content viral requires magic because it is difficult to surprise people. While it is completely true that viral content…

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Google employees protest Trump’s immigration ban



Thousands of Google employees walked out Monday in protest of Donald Trump’s executive order banning refugees from several Muslim-majority nations.

Google told Mashable in an email that more than 2,000 Googlers turned up to protests at several company offices, including at the main Google campus in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and New York. 

The biggest turnout was at its headquarters in Mountain View, California, where CEO Sundar Pichai and cofounder Sergey Brin spoke to the crowd.

#GooglersUnite Sundar and Sergey addressing the crowdpic.twitter.com/jY0vOi0ye4

– William Rucklidge (@wjrucklidge) January 30, 2017 Read more…

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Iran born BBC journalist tweets odyssey of going through U.S. airports



A BBC journalist has tweeted his experience of travelling through Los Angeles airport after Donald Trump imposed a travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries. 

Ali Hamedani, a British citizen who was born in Iran, said he was detained for two hours and was forced to undergo invasive checks at the US border. 

Officials took away his phone and started searching his Twitter account for political views. 

Hamedani, who works for BBC World Service, had travelled from London Heathrow to Chicago O’Hare airport while holding a British passport:

On board to LA. Everything went well and no one reminded me of my place of birth. Lets see what will happen on the other side.

– Ali Hamedani (@BBCHamedani) January 29, 2017 Read more…

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