Twitter kills egg avatar instead of hate speech and no this is not an April Fools’ joke


Twitter is finally making some changes – just not the ones we asked for.

On Friday – following the unveiling of its messy new replies feature – rather than making strides against the noted hate speech problem on Twitter, the social media platform revealed it would changing its iconic troll default egg avatar to some weird AF other thing. Great.

The little egg avatar, a classic sign of a bot or troll account, has been transformed into a new design that’s presumably supposed to resemble the outline of a human’s head and shoulders. But instead, it kind of just looks like one tiny, deformed egg hovering above one half of a slightly larger egg. Twitter announced the change in an overly detailed blog post on Friday. Read more…

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Why Virtual Reality Matters to Marketing (infographic)

Marketing is always looking for the next step forward. That step is here – but it’s more like a giant leap!

That giant leap is virtual reality. Once a back-burner project for video games in the 1990s, VR has made a major comeback over the past few year – and it’s slated to grow exponentially more…

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Facebook’s fundraisers now help you raise money for yourself and friends


If you’re hoping to raise money for a good cause, but it isn’t tied to a specific organization, Facebook just changed the game.

The social media giant has expanded its fundraisers tool, now letting users create personal fundraiser pages to raise money for themselves, friends, and people or things not on Facebook. Previously, users could only raise money for a registered nonprofit on the platform.

But to stick to social good, the new personal fundraisers can only span six categories: education (like tuition and books), medical (like procedures and treatments), pet medical, crisis relief (like natural disasters), personal emergency (like house fires or theft), and funeral and loss. As the product rolls out, however, Facebook hopes to include more categories and evolve them over time. Read more…

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Most Powerful Content Marketing Tips for the Success of Ecommerce Business

The recent surge in the global growth of eCommerce industry has made it one of the hottest destinations for the startups. Going by a recent study carried out by e-marketer, eCommerce retail sales in the world are expected to touch the figure of $2.5 trillion by the end of 2018. This positive trend…

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Kid won’t take no for an answer: Builds a Nintendo Switch out of cardboard


How do you think the frame rate is on cardboard Zelda?

We can all relate to this kid. That feeling of really wanting a particular thing – in this case, a Nintendo Switch – but not being able to get it. You can almost imagine his parents saying: “You want one? Build your own.”

And so he did.

Twitter user @fraise_ama shot a short video of her little brother’s cardboard creation (h/t to Kotaku). It doesn’t actually play Switch games, but it is the full package: the tablet, the dock, the Joy-Con controllers and grip, even a tiny cardboard game cartridge (I’m assuming it’s Zelda: Breath of the Wild). Read more…

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