How to protect yourself when live video of suicide spreads on social media


The thrill of social media is often the possibility of surprise. It’s fun to log on and see which viral videos, political rants, news stories, and baby pictures your friends and family have shared.

What we don’t expect is to see someone die. Watching a suicide attempt (or murder) in real time is not part of the bargain we’ve made to stay connected with the world. And yet it happens. Earlier this week, a Thai man killed his infant daughter and himself on Facebook Live. The video appeared on both Facebook and YouTube before being taken down by the companies.  Read more…

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(via How to Ignite a Growth Point for Talent in 10 Minutes or…

(via How to Ignite a Growth Point for Talent in 10 Minutes or Less)

Everything feels like pushing a rope when the team around you hasn’t developing their talent. But leaders who develop people eventually feel pulled forward.

The future depends on developing the people on your team.

The parody accounts that make Twitter bearable in the era of Trump


Over the course of his first months in the White House, President Trump notoriously turned Twitter into his personal outlet for unhinged political venting. That of course inspired the creation of dozens of parody accounts that became tools of resistance, coping mechanisms, and light-hearted distractions from the political chaos. 

A simple Twitter search for “Donald Trump Parody” reveals a collection of over 50 accounts, and though each tackles Trump’s presidency with a different approach, they all set out with a common goal: to make Twitter in the Trump era a bit more bearable. 

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100+ Facts and Stats About Instagram to be Aware of in 2017 (infographic)

Back in the year 2010, Instagram started as a photo-sharing app and crashed a lot but today it is helping businesses drive their growth and revenues. You must be wondering what has changed? The developers have continuously sought to nurture their app for people.

Their addition of stories to…

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Take a wild guess what Trump’s favorite hashtag was in his first 100 days


Hint: Look at the woman’s hat in the photo, above. 

President Donald Trump has been in office 100 days as of Saturday, April 29. In honor of the occasion, Twitter put out some stats about the president’s use of Twitter. At this point, you really should have guessed his favorite hashtag: #MAGA. 

That acronym, of course, is short for Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan. The president also used a lot of #AmericaFirst, #USA, #Obamacare and, because he’s just like a bunch of reporters on Twitter, #ICYMI. 

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