Internet reminds politician that no, actually, slavery was the worst


When a person must be reminded that the United States enslaved and terrorized millions of black people for hundreds of years, that person has probably said something ignorant. Offensive, even. When that person is chairman of the Prince William County board of supervisors and wants to be governor of Virginia, that ignorance is a bit more … notable. 

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart, a Republican, sent a tweet on Monday that most would consider, at the very least, ill-advised. 

The tweet came right around the time of the New Orleans city council-approved removal of a monument that honored a 5,000-person-strong white militia for attacking the city’s integrated police in 1874. The city also has plans to take down statues of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, and confederate generals Robert E. Lee and P.G.T. Beauregard.  Read more…

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