Man discovers 36-year-old message in a bottle and the original writer is delighted


Old school communication meets new school communication.

Ryan Burchett found a message in a bottle last weekend on Little St. Simons in Georgia. The buoyant letter was 36 years ago and thanks to social media he was able to connect with the original sender.

Douglas Stephens sent the bottle afloat off the Atlantic coast of Florida back on June 10, 1981. The letter included his name, address, the date, and a request for the finder to let him know where and when they found the bottle.

Burchett found the bottle while fishing with friends in southern Georgia, 40 miles from Fernandina Beach where Stephens set the bottle adrift. Read more…

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Here are 7 Reasons Why Content Is Still King in 2017 (Infographic)

For decades, business owners and marketers alike relied on various medium to get their message across their preferred audience. However, when it comes to the capability of telling compelling stories that resonate across different niche, nothing can beat content marketing.

As a process, content…

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(via How to Stumble Forward with Boldness and Find Success)…

(via How to Stumble Forward with Boldness and Find Success)

Stumbling forward only works if you know which direction is forward.

Don’t think of stumbling as unfocused wandering. Stumbling forward means you have an idea of where you’re going, but you’re not sure how to get there.

Passion clarifies what forward looks like.

Reject perfection, but swing for the fence anyway.

I hate the thought that stumbling might be an excuse for being halfhearted. Stumbling forward isn’t drifting. It’s stepping into something new with openness and gusto.

This app will tell you which of your photos are actually good enough to post (which is both harsh and helpful)


It’s a rare occasion when you take the perfect photo on the first try. Most likely, your camera roll is clogged with photos as you attempt to shoot that all-star selfie, picture at the concert, or snapshot of the new glow-in-the-dark donuts.

But for all you accidental photo hoarders, photography app EyeEm and its AI helper are here to remove your pre-post photo clutter.

The app rolled out an update on Wednesday, giving users the ability to choose which photos will be the most liked. The new feature is called EyeEm “Selects,” and it’s an AI curator that automatically selects the best shots on your camera roll based on learned algorithms. Read more…

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Why It Is the Right Time for Small Businesses to Build a Mobile App

In case you have a small business and you have not built a mobile app for your business then you definitely need to get developed one. Nowadays, having an online presence alone is no longer enough, since online activities continue to shift to the smartphone. To put it in simple terms, mobile device…

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